Carriage House Goldendoodle Reviews and Testimonials

Our Goldendoodles are more than just pretty faces! See what our customers are saying about their Carriage House Goldendoodles.

Lucy(Mini Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

I wanted to let you know that Lucy got spayed this past week, and she is doing great. Her disposition is truly amazing. She has impressed the vet and dog walker with her laid back personality, as well as how quickly her enthusiasm and energy returned after the surgery.



Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Just returned home from the DE beach after spending vacation time with our grandchildren. Elle was so terrific with the 2 year old and the 6 mos. old. So gentle and tolerant even while staying all together in a little cottage. I've never owned a dog so terrific and especially terrific with kids. (She also got a lot of attention standing up on the picket fence, greeting everyone who walked by)

Leslie C

Crosby (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful puppy! I'm completely smitten with him! Crosby is the happiest and friendliest dog I've ever met. He's so mellow and loves to snuggle. He's been easy to train and is eager to please. He's absolutely wonderful with my nieces and nephew. He's 25lbs right now and the vet thinks he'll get close to 50lbs. I make sure to share your contact information with anyone who asks :) Thank you again!


Lucy (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Lucy: She is just perfect and we are completely in love with her! She learned 'sit' and 'down' within two days, and is making great progress in her housetraining! Our friends can't believe how quickly she learns. She is a sweetheart and brave with every person and dog we introduce her to. We were hoping to eventually do therapy work with her when we picked her out, and based on what we've learned about her personality so far we think she is going to be perfect for it when she's older. We are so grateful to your husband for helping us pick a puppy who is perfect for us!


Huckleberry (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Our guy Huckleberry is one very popular guy, since moving to the Netherlands! He has continued to be a most fantastic dog and we feel so lucky to have him in our family. And since dogs are an integral part of the Dutch culture, and he is allowed nearly everywhere, he is very happy and very popular!!

The Call Family

Haddie (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Tomorrow marks 3 years that I drove to VA from NC to pick up my sweet Haddie. She is simply the best. She is my constant companion and favorite walking buddy! Her personality and demeanor are so sweet. She is well trained and loves to please. Her favorite activities are hanging out with her baby cousin and swimming! Our 2017 goal is to become pet therapy trained so we can read to students at my school! Thanks so much for all you do!

Jennifer C from North Carolina

Ruby (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

We are so thrilled and in love with our Ruby girl! She just had her first birthday last month, we cannot believe it's a year next month that we came to pick her up from your home. She's adorable and everyone loves her, we've highly recommended you at Carriage House for fantastic well bred Goldendoodles! We wanted to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2017.

The Raynor Family

Samson (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

It is hard to believe that our Goldendoodle, "Samson", is now 1 years old! He was from the litter of Delilah and Dez and was born around Thanksgiving last year. We ADORE Samson and he is a sweet, sweet boy. Attached are some pictures of him throughout the last year.

Julie P., Richmond Virginia

Maisey and Walter (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

It's been a week now with our new pups! Maisey and Walter are the best of friends. They do everything together. Jason's pup, Kyle, has been coming over regularly so they can maintain contact with each other. They all get along GREAT. Maisey acts like a Mom to the both of them. We are so happy with the dogs and want to thank you so much! They are our best friends.

Steve and Christy C.

Stella (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Stella continues to do SO well!! She is such a sweetheart - everyone who meets her just falls in love. She is SO well behaved, so sweet and has been very easy to train. We love her so much!!! There is a couple from Lynchburg who would love to come see your puppies! The wife met Stella on one of our daily walks and fell in love with her. I told her all about you and Carriage House and recommended you very highly!


Blue (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Just wanted to send a few pictures of Blue! We are absolutely loving her, she is the perfect dog! She is such a lovable little girl, we cannot imagine life without her! I pass along your information to anyone who stops me on the street in admiration of Blue! I've attached a few photos! Hope all is well and hope you are enjoying these beautiful days!/p>

Mackenzie S.

Brodi (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

She is the best part of our day. We love her to bits. Thank you, Tammy!

Brodi K

Kaia and Karma (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Hope this finds you both doing well. Wanted to send along a picture of Kaia and Karma. We love them to death and get hoards of people surrounding us wherever we go. We've given lots of people your website address. Thanks again for great puppies.

Tammy A.

Rusty (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

I just wanted to send you and your son a picture of our beautiful dog Rusty. He is a super sweet dog. I can't tell you how many people have asked where we got him. I suspect you will have some inquiries. I am happy to be a reference for you. The mix of these 2 dogs made for such a well mannered dog. We still can't believe how patient and sweet he is.

Stacey S.

Riley (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

I just want to say how much of a blessing Riley has been. As the days pass, Riley becomes more calm. It amazes me that she's content with just laying right next to you as a 5 month puppy. Along with her being so well behaved, she is so sweet and so smart. It took her only a few days to learn sit, a week to learn shake and a few weeks to be potty trained. Thank you for a great addition to our little family. I have attached a few pictures of Riley for you to have. Her favorite toy, which is pictured, is the pink lamb chop she got from you!


Selby (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Our lovely Selby continues to be a joy and seems to have settled at 40lb (for the time being!) Thought you might enjoy a recent photo of her and Brian. This is her mode of transportation on and off the boat! We get a lot of inquiries about both her breed and the breeder, so hopefully some of them have contacted you!

Claire M.

Annabelle (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

Annabelle is a wonderful dog! She is more than we ever hoped for and brings so much joy to our lives.


Lucy and Grace(Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

This is our Lucy girl. She is awesome and so incredibly smart. I know you must hear that a lot!!! Everyone wants to steal her, and begs to keep her on weekends when we go out of town. She goes to work with me at my spa and my clientele love her and immediately start taking pictures of her. She lays on their laps, gives them kisses and smiles at them. Do Goldendoodles typically smile? It's hilarious! My one sitter even asked if she could come to her house on Thanksgiving Day to be with them and all their relatives because she has sent them all pictures of Lucy. She is sooooo loved!!!!!! UPDATE: We love our girls! People tell us all the time they are the most beautiful Goldendoodles they have ever seen and their temperament is amazing! They are such sweet girls! Thank you for our gift!


Skeffington (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

I want to give you an update on Skeffington. He has grown into a great young dog and is soooo popular with all the kids I see at the office!! He even has his own Facebook page His popularity has spawned many inquiries. See if you get a ton more requests from Kentucky. Thanks!

Dan B.

Elle (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

She's so much fun; what a great personality and super smart. Elle turned two today and is pictured here with my 6 month old grandson. She is a terrific doodle. Very smart, joyful, healthy and holding at a perfect 51 lbs.


Carson (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

I'm sending along a couple of pictures of Carson that were taken in just the last few days! He is doing great! He is training my husband not to leave his dirty clothes on the floor .... something I have not been able to do in 40 years! Lol!


Chippie (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

I wanted to shoot you a quick email with some recent pictures of Chippie and thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs! Chippie is just incredible. EVERYONE loves her and says what a great puppy she is. She's sweet, fun, and remarkably calm for a puppy. She is a beautiful champagne color and I can often see her coat sparkle in the sun. She loves peanut butter as a treat, long walks, and is very obedient. Even the vets say how great and easy she is. She also just graduated from her 6 week obedience class! She's potty-trained and rings her poochie bells every time to go outside. We love her to death and already feel like she's stolen our hearts. I was the one who really wanted a dog and my sweet husband just went along with it, but now I think he's even crazier about her than I am! Again, thank you so much for Chippie and raising such great goldendoodles!

Liz and Ryan

Atticus (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

My husband and I bought a Goldendoodle from y'all and it was one of the best decisions we have made! Atticus is the most amazing dog either of us has ever had. We love him so much!

Ali, Austin, and Atticus

Bear (Goldendoodle)

Carriage House Goldendoodle Review

We adopted our Goldendoodle Bear from you 3 years ago. He is a fantastic dog and we love him so much. He knows no strangers and just loves everyone. He also loves playing with other dogs.

Sonja H.